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Episode 09: Current PSA Trends: What the Future Holds

From Arc 3: Modernizing Service Organizations Through Automation

October 16, 2023 | 10 minutes

In the last episode of this arc, Sean and Stephen give a recap of episodes seven and eight, and cover current service organization solution trends, as well as what the future holds. Learn about the link between PSA and the successful management of distributed (or remote) teams, data quality and AI’s impact on professional services solutions, and more.

Key takeaways
  • Distributed (remote) teams without a centralized solution can quickly become disorganized; this causes challenges with both internal project and client-facing project delivery
  • The right PSA solution should help optimize the availability of resources via centralized data, collaboration, and capacity planning
  • Accurate and complete data is vital to benefit fully from AI
  • Most organizations still struggle with data accuracy and putting that data to work — this is something a PSA solution can help with

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Highlights & Timestamps

0:00 | Introduction
0:49 | Recap of Arc 3
1:28 | The Rise of Remote Work and Distributed Teams
4:40 | AI & Data Quality
9:16 | Conclusion


Main Speakers

Sean Docherty, Solutions Consultant at Diabsolut
As a Solution Consultant and member of Diabsolut’s Sales Enablement team, Sean supports his clients through identifying solutions and best practices across the lead-to-cash process. He focuses on providing client’s value through communicating the benefits of systems in a digestible manner and what to prioritize for an implementation. His experience lies in Certinia and Salesforce Revenue Cloud products giving him exposure to a range of clients from different industries and geographies.

Stephen Sugumar, Manager, Solutions Consulting at Diabsolut
Stephen has delved into many roles over the years, from development, professional services into his current role as Manager of Solutions Consulting today. Leveraging his technical expertise and solutioning adaptability to find a path forward within all his engagements while guiding his team in similar fashion. He is an expert in processes and best practices—leveraging insight from industries such as Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Home Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, and High Tech—to support Diabsolut’s customers in their evaluation and selection of Service solutions.

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