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Certinia Solutions

As a long standing Certinia and Salesforce consulting partner, we understand unique business needs and are committed to your project’s success.  Certinia gives you the complete, customer-centric view of your business with ERP and PSA on the Salesforce platform to accelerate your business growth.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Make your marketing more effective, and better support both your sales and marketing teams with a streamlined, automated, on-platform solution.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

We believe your success with Salesforce derives from the clear understanding of all revenue streams within all departmental touch points. Our approach focuses on a full revenue life cycle, from Lead to Cash, and takes into consideration how revenue interacts with other systems, processes, users, and customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud

When your CRM does the heavy-lifting your employees can focus on your customers, and deliver what those customers want, in the right way for both them and your business.

Read more facts on Diabsolut and best-in-class customer service and support CRM, Service Cloud: Value Driven Solutions that Improve both the Customer and Employee Experience .

Salesforce Field Service

We’re not just technologists and system integrators – transforming Field Service organizations has been the cornerstone of our business for over 15 years. Therefore, we offer you a team of seasoned Field Service and Salesforce experts.  

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Certinia PSA

Certinia PSA is the #1 professional services automation solution for the Salesforce platform. It’s a product Diabsolut believes in and uses for our own business, and one we’ve used to help numerous clients. Let us help your organization optimize everything from resource utilization to reporting and analytics to revenue per project.

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Certinia Services CPQ

Certinia Services CPQ can help your organization produce fast and accurate estimates, and automate estimate related workflows on the Salesforce platform — so that your bids are more compelling, compliant, and competitive.

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Certinia Services Analytics

Certinia Services Analytics solutions offer dashboards and tools to supply more in-depth analytics. They’re a great way to take a deeper dive into your services business if you need more detailed information about your revenue or want to clearly see and understand multiple perspectives of your portfolios or projects.

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Salesforce Automotive Cloud

If your dealership or dealership group is reliant on different applications and systems to manage different areas and aspects of your business, you’re missing out on opportunities to lower costs and earn revenue. Salesforce Automotive Cloud and Diabsolut can help.

Diabsolut Custom Solutions

The Rolling Warehouse™

The Rolling Warehouse™ is a way for your organization to meet your goals, gain a big picture view of your operations, and get all of your teams—including the back-office, customer support, field service, and depot—working as one.

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Monetizing Field Service

This solution allows manufacturers and suppliers to deliver order-to-cash sales in the field, with automation and line-item level data accuracy on the Salesforce platform. If your organization supplies onsite services, it can help you increase profitability, end revenue leakage, and improve visibility.

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Equity Mining Tool

Easily find new opportunities for profitability with Diabsolut’s Equity Mining Tool. This unique solution configuration (or accelerator) is a tool which automates the data mining of your dealership or dealership group’s Salesforce platform to generate additional revenue and sales.

Click 8.3 to Salesforce Field Service Migration

Diabsolut understands that the End-of-Life of the Click 8.3 solution so many rely on day to day is not ideal. The effort and energy put into designing, deploying, maintaining, and improving these solutions is a frustrating thing to think about having to replace. We see this as an opportunity for Click 8.3 customers to not only preserve what they like but recognize there is a lot to be gained.

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PSA and Time-of-Day Scheduling

Certinia PSA brings project management and professional services onto the Salesforce platform. Diabsolut’s PSA and Time-of-Day Scheduling services maximize benefits for organizations that have multi-day or multi-skill set resources; deal with sequence or milestone project work; or require the ability to accurately manage time-of-day scheduling in the field.

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Click Field Service Edge End-of-life

We can help prepare your organization for Click FSE’s end-of-life. Our team can translate your field service needs into a value-driven FSE replacement, including a precise scope and evaluation of the effort and timing needed to transition.

ISV Solutions

Material Transport App

Diabsolut designed a material transport solution with capabilities and benefits for the Operator, Vendor, and Driver. This digital tool can be utilized to streamline the material transport process, resulting in cost reduction, empowered field teams, and real-time visibility into work status and completion.

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Our new pre-configured SFS extensions enhance dispatcher and technician efficiency, improve technician safety, and provide a more user-friendly experience – resulting in a more streamlined and productive Field Service environment for your business.

Diabsolut Services

About us

A thorough understanding of technology implementations and integrations, Salesforce and Certinia product expertise, our collaborative approach, industry-specific knowledge of best practices, decades of experience, and dedication to delivering client success sets us apart.  

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Managed Services

Is your solution delivering maximum benefits to your organization, customers, and employees?

Our Managed Services are focused on achieving full value and ROI for your Salesforce solution, helping to optimize, maintain, and operationalize your application management strategy.

AI Services Brochure

Artificial Intelligence

Learn about the benefits of Generative AI, which automates content creation and task replacement by leveraging data and pattern recognition. This tool eliminates redundant and low-value tasks, allowing your teams to focus on high-impact activities.

Field Service Operations Review

Could your people, process and technology benefit from a health check? Find out what 10 questions that you should be asking yourself to unlock the full potential of your field service solution.

Higher Ed

As experts in Higher Ed, we boost our customers’ student experience. We help them drive engagement and retention, all while balancing the needs of students, faculty, staff­ and alumni. Ensuring today’s campus connects with students throughout their journey and beyond.

Revenue Solutions

Whether you are implementing Salesforce and Certinia for an end-to-end integrated solution; or you prefer to integrate Salesforce with your ERP, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you up and running quickly and reliably.

Talent Management

We know that finding and placing specialized, highly skilled resources can be time-consuming and costly, without any guarantee that a candidate will be the right fit for the job. Our goal at Diabsolut is to take the guesswork and risk out of talent management for our customers.

Enterprise Integration Experience

We call ourselves end-to-end solution experts for a reason. Our industry and technical expertise includes streamlined integration of any application or platform your organization uses, to achieve a solution and processes that are truly optimized.

Out of the box connectors, point-to-point, or middleware — we have the integration knowledge and experience needed to deliver a unified solution that helps achieve faster time to value.

Field Service Management

With more than 20 years of experience implementing both Salesforce and ClickSoftware FSM solutions, Diabsolut’s team of experts is uniquely positioned to understand and address the challenges that many field service organizations face.

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