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Transforming Field Service organizations has
been the cornerstone of our business for 20 years.

Field Service
organizations has
been the cornerstone
of our business for 20 years.

Many service organizations are under pressure to reduce the cost of service, speed up delivery and improve the customer experience to stay ahead of the competition. Built on the world’s #1 intelligent customer service platform, Salesforce Field Service extends the connected customer experience into the field, allowing organizations to optimize the entire service chain.

Field Service connects your entire workforce on one platform, providing a completely connected experience across the customer experience lifecycle. Your customers can enjoy more accurate appointment windows, improved communication, better service quality and overall, a much more positive experience, while your organization benefits from real-time insights into key data.

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Field Service

As an extension of Service Cloud, Salesforce Field Service (SFS) operates directly in the Salesforce platform to give you a real-time view of your mobile operations and manage your workforce. The comprehensive solution is adapted for all your supply chain stakeholders, providing a single channel for communications between your field technicians, dispatchers, managers and service agents, and helps your organization optimize the management of work orders, service appointments and reports.

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SFS migrations

The ClickSoftware 8.3 end-of-life date is fast approaching, and organizations that don’t make the transition quickly to a new system may be left behind. While transitioning an entire Field Service organization to a new platform is a massive undertaking, it will open up a world of new possibilities for your organization in today’s digital world. Our experts have backgrounds stemming from firsthand field service experience and have helped numerous ClickSoftware customers successfully migrate onto the Salesforce Platform.

Field Service


Click Field Service Edge from ClickSoftware (a Salesforce Company) is a cloud-based market-leading field service management software solution that will help you solve your most complex field service challenges, by providing automated insights to help your decision-making in real-time. Using collaborative mobile tools offered in various modules, the platform gives field service organizations the flexibility to adopt the features and functions they need and to expand as their business requirements evolve.

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