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Salesforce Field Service

Canadian Telecom Company:
Salesforce Field Service &
Service Cloud

While the industry you’re in will impact your checklist, the benefits for having a solid contractor management system in place add up quickly. Check out how this organization handled both their contractor management and other issues with their IoT expansion and customer service solution.

Large Utility Provider:
Salesforce Field Service &
Service Cloud

Check out how this organization upgraded to a future-proof solution that would further optimize operations across multiple areas of their business.

Salesforce Field Service

“The Diabsolut team brought strong subject matter expertise and a strong commitment to our success to the project. Because of their strength, we were able to meet expectations and deliver this time sensitive initiative on time with the necessary functionality.”

— Ryan Wiehagen, Associate Director Information Technology

Salesforce Field Service

“Diabsolut is a long-standing and trusted partner of Gaz Metro Plus. This is yet another example project showcasing Diabsolut’s customer-first approach in setting proper expectations at the beginning of this project and taking the time to truly understand our needs and goals.”

— Dominic Corbeil, Senior Director, Information Technology and Operations

Cogeco Connexion:
Salesforce Field Service

“Amazing team with deep knowledge of the Salesforce Field Service (SFS) platform and best practices. Superb delivery partner.”

— David Bordin,Program Manager

Major US Oil Company Success Story

Major US Oil Company:
Material Transport app

A major US oil and gas organization needed a solution to automate and streamline water hauling processes — read more about a project that assisted in reducing the supplier base across their assets by 82%.

Natural Gas Distributer:
Salesforce Field Service &
Service Cloud

Check how one of North America’s largest natural gas distributors achieved a seamless digital transformation with the help of Diabsolut and Salesforce Field Service. This story highlights the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and the impressive results that followed.

Salesforce Revenue Solutions

Salesforce CPQ

Finding a fix-it team with first-hand industry experience, who understood the problems and pressures they were facing, was the project’s starting point.

“Excellent to work with. Highly knowledgeable. Appropriate time spent scoping the project which allowed for a reliable SOW”

— Peter Miele, VP of Sales

drone tech dedrone success story salesforce revenue

Airspace Security Technology Company:
Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Government Cloud

When a counter drone technology organization wanted to expand its client base to include government contracts, they needed a creative revenue and sales solution that was secure enough to meet regulatory needs.

Salesforce Diabsolut revenue pulsebio success story medical IT

Bioelectric Medicine Company:
Salesforce Sales Cloud

An organization specializing in bioelectric medical technology was seeking a standardized solution which could scale to fit their short- and long-term revenue and business needs, improve the customer experience, and provide the functionality needed to receive and store specialized data according to policy and regulations.

Digital Signage Provider:
Salesforce CPQ & Billing

An organization that provides cloud-based digital signage platforms for restaurant and retail businesses was seeking a single system for quote to cash that could easily integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud, as a way to address several issues, including revenue leakage due to inaccurate quoting and invoicing.

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS): Success Story CPQ

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS):
Salesforce CPQ

“The Diabsolut team was great at keeping the project on schedule and on budget, as well as keeping our DMS Team engaged and educated throughout the project. They brought instant high-level knowledge and experience to my team.”

— Ed Hilligrass, Executive Vice President & CSO

Wrought Washers Mfg., Inc.: Success Story

Wrought Washer Mfg. Inc.:
Salesforce CPQ

“Manufacturing is all about efficiency. Working with Diabsolut was the single best decision we’ve made to increase efficiency in 10 years!”

— Dave Rank, Engineering/Tooling Manager

ICC success story

Independent Can Company (ICC):
Salesforce CPQ

“Diabsolut put us in a position where we can quickly and easily update quotes as needed, including modifications for material prices which used to take a long time to complete.”

— Helen K. Krueger, Director of Accounting

Cleaning System Manufacturer Success Story

Cleaning System Manufacturer:
Salesforce CPQ

Find out how this manufacturing organization’s quoting solution and processes went from complex and confusing to streamlined and easy-to-use — with the flexibility needed for their wide range of products and services.

Salesforce for Higher Education and Non-Profit

George Brown:
Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud & Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

“As a result of our work with Diabsolut, we are now able to share a seamless experience with our stakeholders that builds in opportunities for personalization and allows for the automation of in market campaigns.”

— Olena Shklar, Senior Manager, Alumni and Digital Engagement

Higher Ed Partners:
Education Cloud

Diabsolut and Salesforce were brought on board by HEP to find the right solution to replace their SQL based legacy CRM system.

“Since the initial launch of one school, the model has supported five additional ones.”

— Adam Watson, Director, Technology

Education Cloud

“Diabsolut with Salesforce was the winner, as they were able to listen to our business needs and trust that we knew our processes well enough to engineer a solution together. We could not be happier with regard to the support and most importantly, the training provided by Diabsolut.”

— Associate Director of Enrolment and Information Systems

Toronto Metropolitan University Career Service:
Sales Cloud

“Diabsolut built something very stable and I sleep well at night because it doesn’t break down. From concept to the functioning system, we had great support.”

— Ian Ingles, Operations Manager, Career and Co-op Centre

Affordable Housing Non-Profit Success Story

Affordable Housing Developer:
Sales Cloud & Nonprofit Cloud Success Pack (NCSP)

Learn how this nonprofit organization, which supplies both housing and services to communities and groups in need, went from separate Salesforce orgs and complex customization to a consolidated and optimized solution that leverages 90% out-of-the-box functionality.


Healthcare IT Leaders Success Story

Healthcare IT Leaders:
Certinia PSA

Learn how this tech-savvy organization upgraded their professional services solution to something more scalable, in a project that delivered self-sufficient results on time and under budget.

Certinia EDI Automation Project

Salesforce and Certinia were brought on board to address pain points regarding sales, order management, and data integration post-aquisiton.

TD Synnex:
Certinia PSA, Billing & Accounting

For a detailed view of how their new solution fixed their operational and revenue management issues, check out the TD Synnex success story.

Salesforce and Certinia

British VoIP client success

European VoIP Company:
Salesforce CPQ & Certinia Billing

For details on how Diabsolut helped identify where this client’s previous partner had gone wrong, then collaborated to make sure their solution set them up for success—take a look at some key details in the full story here.

port nola success story diabolut

Port of New Orleans:
Salesforce CPQ, Sales Cloud; Certinia Accounting & Revenue Management

After identifying gaps and designing a plan for Port NOLA’s specific needs and goals both internal and client-facing product implementation and integration began With Salesforce Sales Cloud and FinancialForce Accounting already in place, Salesforce CPQ and Certinia Revenue Recognition were added to create a comprehensive single platform.

Certinia PSA & Experience Cloud

Quest had been experiencing a high volume of growth, which meant numerous acquisitions and contracted employees to better support their clients. After receiving a recommendation, they turned to Diabsolut for help finding a solution that would meet their unique needs, in addition to growing with them as their business continued to evolve.

Our Services

Globally Ranked Digital Consultancy Firm:
Success Story
Talent Management

“I have been working with Michael and the Diabsolut team for almost a year now, they have been a great partner to source contractual and full-time talent for our business. They are always incredibly professional, knowledgeable and responsive.”

— Client’s Senior Resource Specialist

leading manufacturer safety equipments, products and solutions success story diabsolut pardot marketing cloud

Leading Manufacturer:
Success Story
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Read how a leading manufacturer brought Diabsolut on board for a project focused on data migration and knowledge improvement with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot).

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