Experience-based solutions for targeted benefits and ROI.

solutions for targeted
benefits and ROI.

The solutions found below were designed to deliver faster time to value and improved benefits realization for our clients. They were created using firsthand industry and project experience to fill gaps and address common industry pain points, while providing the flexibility needed to meet an organization’s individual business and user requirements.

Custom accelerators
available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Our ISV apps work within Salesforce Field Service to quickly and easily add tools and functionality.

SFSx App

Salesforce Field Service Extensions

Our SFSx app expands Salesforce Field Service operations and is available on a feature-by-feature basis. It allows users to address gaps in efficiency, safety, the user experience, and more — in a user-friendly and scalable way.

Current Features:

  • Working Alone Timer and Alert System
  • Mobile Tabs
  • Dynamic Status Transitions

Material Transport App

Salesforce Field Service Add-on

This app provides automation and tools to streamline the material hauling process for the material producer, vendors, and drivers. Its numerous benefits include real-time visibility of field data and job status, elimination of manual processes, and lower operational costs.

Solutions that meet challenges

and improve performance

The solutions in this section include packages of products, integrations, configurations, and/or services that extend the benefits and ROI of the Salesforce platform in a value-driven way.

Monetizing Field Service

Salesforce Field Service to Billing

A multi-cloud solution for manufacturers and suppliers who provide onsite services, that want to eliminate revenue leakage and enable order-to-cash sales from the field. It’s a fully connected and mobile way to maximize solution and resource performance, while improving the customer experience.

Equity Mining Tool

Salesforce Automotive Cloud Add-on

Made with automotive dealership groups in mind, this solution adds powerful data-mining functionality to Salesforce Automotive Cloud and the Salesforce platform — with the use of configuration. Reduce the number of systems you use, gain consistent identification of target customers, control future pipeline, easily manage lead distribution, and more.

PSA to Time-of-Day Scheduling

Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA) to Salesforce Field Service or Scheduler

This solution allows you to manage appointments, projects, and resources from anywhere. It’s especially useful for any organization that have multi-day or multi-skill set resources, deal with sequence or milestone project work, or need to accurately manage time-of-day scheduling in the field.

The Rolling Warehouse™

Certinia Order, Procurement, and Inventory (OPI), Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset360

A solution that combines and optimizes order, inventory, field service, asset, and customer service management on a single platform. This is a mobile and connected way to improve efficiency, productivity, and data accuracy across multiple areas of your business.

Right partner. Right solution.

Optimize your solution, operations, and processes across your entire organization.