Value and Results-Focused Solution Demos

This library contains demos which show the general value and results provided by some of our experience-based services and custom solutions. For personalized demos, please contact us.

Partner Solutions

Our partner product demos provide helpful product use details, giving you an opportunity to learn more about the product’s general capabilities as well as the functionality when configured by Diabsolut.

Field Service and Revenue
Management for the Oil & Gas Industry

Scenario: “The Roc”: Acme Oil & Gas Support Services
Products: Salesforce Field Service, Salesforce CPQ

This demo features an oil and gas company and a use case for linking Salesforce Field Service and CPQ. It illustrates the benefits of this combined solution, including a streamlined quote-to-dispatch process.

Professional Services

Scenario: Generic
Products: Certinia PSA

If you’re not familiar with Certinia PSA (Services Automation) — this demo offers a great overview of its features, advantages, and benefits for project and resource management.


Scenario: Generic
Products: Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI powerhouse within Salesforce, offering predictive analytics, automation, and personalized insights. This demo highlights how Einstein enhances decision-making, predicts customer behavior, and automates tasks.

CPQ and Billing Central for the Service Industry

Scenario: Acme Printing Services
Products: Salesforce CPQ, Certinia Billing Central

Explore our demo to see how our solution streamlines multi-billing subscription transactions for businesses utilizing Salesforce CPQ and Certinia Billing Central.

ESRI Integration
with Salesforce

Scenario: Generic
Products: ESRI, Salesforce Field Service

Several benefits of enabling seamless interfacing between Salesforce Field Service and ESRI are shown in this demo, including the ability to create work orders with precise locations and easily create follow-ups and approvals — allowing organizations to address critical field service tasks more quickly.

Diabsolut Solutions

The demos in this section show products, configuration, integrations, and/or services we have grouped together to create solutions that address common industry-specific business needs — in a way that achieves faster time to value, benefits, and ROI.

Monetizing Field Service
for Manufacturing

Scenario: “Big Tool”: Construction Rental
Products: Salesforce Field Service, Salesforce CPQ & Billing

This demo shows how a manufacturer or supplier that offers onsite services can use our Monetizing Field Service solution to achieve benefits like reducing profit/margin leakage and delivering additional sales from the field.

PSA Time-of-Day

Scenario: Acme Telecommunications
Products: Salesforce Field Service, Certinia PSA

This demo walks you through our solution for businesses that have multi-day or multi-skill set resources, deal with sequence or milestone project work, or need to accurately manage time-of-day scheduling in the field.

The Rolling Warehouse

Scenario: Generic
Products: Salesforce Field Service, Certinia OPI, ServiceMax Asset360

Get a brief walk through of an inventory management and warehouse stocking use case for our Rolling Warehouse™ solution. Some benefits highlighted in this demo include automation which eliminates manual processes and functionality that connects back-office, customer support, field service, and depot teams.

ISV Solutions for Salesforce

You’ll find demos for our ISV apps below, all of which work natively with Salesforce. These solutions were created to deliver targeted benefits and ROI, by adding functionality that addresses industry-specific pain points.

Material Transport

Products: Salesforce Service Cloud

This demo shows how our Material Transport app functions in the Salesforce environment for material producers, vendors, and drivers. It illustrates features, benefits, and appropriate use cases — including improved visibility and control of material transport processes.

Material Transport :
Use Case for Water Hauling

Products: Salesforce Service Cloud

This demo shows how our Material Transport app is adapted for your organization’s needs, in this case, oil field water hauling. It takes you through a “day in the life” as three different personas (the producer, vendor and driver).

SFS-X : Mobile Layout

Products: Salesforce Field Service

Mobile Layout is one feature available for our SFS-X ISV app, designed to deliver accelerated benefits to your Salesforce Field Service solution. This demo shows how this feature enhances a technician’s user experience and allows administrators to easily customize the way field service information is presented to technicians.

SFS-X : Dynamic Status Transition

Products: Salesforce Field Service

Dynamic Status Transition is a feature available for our SFS-X ISV app. This demo shows how this feature provides a user-friendly UI that simplifies service appointment updates and helps keep technicians on track.

SFS-X : Working Alone Timer

Products: Salesforce Field Service

Working Alone Timer is a feature available for our SFS-X ISV app. This demo shows how this feature keeps mobile technicians safe during high-risk tasks and provides real-time alerts to field service dispatchers, for timely support and intervention when necessary.

SFS-X : Mass-Recurring Non-Availabilities

Products: Salesforce Field Service

Mass-Recurring Non-Availabilities is a feature available for our SFS-X ISV app. It allows users to streamline scheduling and reduce administrative workload for dispatchers by allowing them to bulk-create recurring absences or delete absence records for many service resources at once.

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