Episode 17: The Process of Migrating from a Product That Is Retiring

From Arc 6: ClickSoftware Field Service Edge (FSE) End-of-Life – Navigating the Migration Process

June 17, 2024 | 12 minutes

In this episode, Stephen William Smith joins our host, as they delve into the intricacies of migrating off ClickSoftware Field Service Edge (FSE). They discuss recommended best practices and how Diabsolut provides a competitive advantage in executing this migration. This episode will outline the detailed steps of migration, the importance of maintaining continuity, and choosing the right solutions and partners for a seamless transition.

Key takeaways
  • To prepare for FSE-specific migrations, start by assessing your current setup, explore market options, plan your future goals, evaluate potential solutions, and execute the migration plan
  • Ensure a consistent transition process while always prioritizing the end-user experience to maintain continuity
  • Address challenges such as technology shifts to avoid falling behind, maintaining employee satisfaction, and managing the long, resource-intensive migration process
  • For best practices, begin by understanding your needs and current solution usage, thoroughly research vendors and their strengths, and keep RFPs open-ended to allow for added value in the new solution
  • Diabsolut provides a competitive edge by offering industry and past-customer insights through open discussions with multiple partners, leveraging experience from Click on-premise EOL to develop precise migration tools, and effectively translating identified needs into the new solution


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Highlights & Timestamps

00:00 | Introduction
01:13 | The process of migrating: Steps to keep in mind
03:39 | Implementation challenges
06:26 | Migration best practices
08:55 | Diabsolut’s knowledge and tools
10:31 | Conclusion



Stephen Sugumar, Account Executive at Diabsolut
Stephen has delved into many roles over the years, from development, professional services, solutions consulting, into his current role as account executive today. Leveraging his technical expertise and solutioning adaptability to find a path forward within all his engagements while guiding his team in similar fashion. He is an expert in processes and best practices—leveraging insight from industries such as Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Home Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, and High Tech—to support Diabsolut’s customers in their evaluation and selection of Service solutions.

Guest Speaker

Stephen W. Smith, VP of Industry Solutions at Diabsolut
Stephen has over 25 years of experience defining and delivering Mobile Workforce Management solutions around the globe and across industries. Aiding service organizations to optimize the use of their field resources, improve operational awareness, streamline process, and establish controls while ensuring flexibility, variability and user engagement are enabled within their operations. Prior to his current role as VP of Industry Solutions, Stephen worked within the Salesforce Field Service Product team and for more than 20 years as part of ClickSoftware’s global field service operation, building out new territories, industries, partnerships and offerings.

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