Change Management



Ensure user-adoption to maximize your technology investment.

Ensure user-adoption
to maximize your
technology investment.

You’re making a significant investment in technology and processes to modernize the way your organization works – do you want to be sure that time and money isn’t wasted?

We know that you can select the right solution and find the right partner to implement it, you can have a technically smooth project, hitting all the milestones, coming in under budget and ahead of time – and you can still waste your investment. Why? People.

It doesn’t matter how well the technology works. It also doesn’t matter how well you trained your people to use it. If the individual people in your teams don’t agree, or at least accept, that implementing the technology was the right thing to do (for any one of 10 million different reasons, ranging from the legitimate to the ridiculous) then they will resist, they will not adopt and your ROI will either never arrive at all or will arrive a lot later than planned after you’ve incurred a lot more angst and cost.

Our advice to you, based on all our many years of experience (both in operations and as consultants), is that you need a well thought out, properly planned and fully executed change management plan to bring your people along for the ride. If you do not, then you will fail.

Don’t Shortcut Your People When You Are Spending Money on Technology

If you don’t believe us, based on our experience, there is an increasing body of scientific literature from management, social and neurological science that all agree on the same thing. People perceive change as a threat and they won’t fully accept and adopt without context, understanding and having their own individual concerns met. We can provide some great resources if you need some scientific evidence, just reach out and we’ll be happy to share.

Projects That Met or Exceed Objectives

Source: Prosci – Why Change Management

Why are we

uniquely placed

to help you with this?

  • Operational experience.
  • Walked a mile in your shoes.
  • Have done these projects dozens of times before.
  • Have a proven methodology.
  • We will tailor the solution to your organization, we won’t ram a convoluted methodology down your throat.
  • We focus on sustainment – what happens after the project is finished and we all go home.
  • We partner with your operational leadership to help and coach them on their role supporting the change.


Change Management

  • Comprehensive and people focused solutions.
  • Conscious inclusion of cultural considerations and attention to the distinct set of challenges present in each unique workplace environment.
  • Clearly presented framework and deliverables, with meaningful goals.
  • Adaptive and agile solutions that maintain transitional momentum.
  • Focus on sustainment and ensuring change sticks after implementation.
  • Enabling leaders to act as change sponsors and change agents, through alignment and coaching support.

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