Talent Management



Helping businesses find specialized, highly skilled talent.

There is an important link between an organization’s performance and its people. Recognizing that link is one of the key differences in how we approach working with our clients—focusing our talent development and placement on the big picture of how organizational and individual growth are related.

Our talent team at Diabsolut is well versed in leading technology, trends, and best practices, as well as appropriately addressing the vital part people play in strategic business management and development.  Our talent management services are geared toward mitigating risks, addressing overall organizational gaps and needs, and providing long-term sustainability and success.

Talent Recruitment and Placement Services Include:

  • Recruitment and Placement of Qualified and Vetted Actively Managed Professionals
  • Knowledge Transfer and Support
  • Long and Short-Term Placements to Fill Gaps
  • On-going Mentoring and Access to Proven Methodologies, Tools and IPs
  • Continued Client Oversight and Communication from Industry Veterans

Leadership Focused Offerings

  • Customized Support
  • Individualized Comprehensive Assessment of Current vs. Required Skills
  • One-on-One Personalized Development Programs, Pathways, and Coaching
  • Extensive Leadership Assessments
  • Skill Development Workshops

Enterprise-Wide Advisory Services Include:

  • Benchmarking of Top Leadership Against Industry and Organizational Standards
  • Definition and Implementation of Learning and Development Strategies
  • Identification and Development of Future Leaders
  • Customizable Technology-Based Training
  • Ongoing Reassessments of Key Teams

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