Why Salesforce + Oil and Gas are the Perfect Match

Author: Drew Tramel

Having started my field service career as an engineer and worked my way up, I’ve gotten to see and know a wide variety of Field Service Management (FSM) solutions from both an operational and sales perspective.

There are so many reasons people are always singing the praises of Salesforce, and just as many reasons why Salesforce works particularly well for those in the Oil and Gas industry.

  1. This platform was made to adapt.

The Salesforce platform was built from the ground up to be open and customizable. It is the foundation that can be adapted to whatever an organization needs.

  • Salesforce plays well with other technology thanks to its integration capabilities.
  • It acts as a hub in the middle of everything, providing a seamless connection, and enabling complete insight and data.


  1. Salesforce Field Service (SFS) fixes many issues and knocks down information silos.

Logistics, land, assets, operations, production, marketing, sales, contracts—the Oil and Gas industry has so many moving parts and a lot of data and information that typically isn’t tracked at all, very well communicated, or easy to access. The SFS platform provides:

  • Real-time data from every aspect of an organization.
    • This allows for things such as: making better, faster, and more informed decisions; targeting the right customers; finding and fixing problems before they start; identifying extra revenue streams, etc.
  • No more spreadsheets, reliance on one person for certain data, or information all over the place.
  • Safety and regulatory compliance need to be easy, and Salesforce is built for that—it lets organizations know the who, what, why, when, and where—as well as automates processes and procedures.


  1. It’s easy to use—and technicians will actually use it.

Technicians have a lot going on when they’re in the field, so if the tools you give them aren’t easy to use, they won’t use them.

  • It keeps their schedule up-to-date and always gives them information for the task at hand, which lowers stress.
  • Technicians can work together virtually to save you and them time and frustration—so if they need help or specialized knowledge on-site, they don’t have to wait around for someone else, or reassign or reschedule the work.
  • Whether your technician is 50 feet up in the air or working in a confined space, this platform is putting their safety first.
    • It automates everything to make sure they’re following the correct procedures, and it’s fully mobile, so they can have support in any situation or environment.


  1. You can start small.

This platform is made to scale, so you can start with a couple of issues you’d like to fix and go from there.

  • Say you’d like to make sure you’re not wasting time or resources, or you want to start getting ahead of maintenance—the platform can be aligned with your needs—you can see your true ROI, and then further customize it to tackle another issue.


  1. Salesforce looks at the bigger picture.

 One of my favorite things about Salesforce is their dedication to constant improvement, whether it be their 1-1-1 model and commitment to making the world a better place or their focus on innovating for their clients.

  • They have an eye on the future, and their developers are always striving to anticipate needs.
  • It’s an organization that stands behind what they do—and empowers its clients with the right tools so that it can empower the people in its organization.

If you need help or advice finding the right solution for your company, and more importantly the right partner that has the industry experience to support you on your journey, we look forward to speaking with you!