Why ClickSoftware 8.3 is Being Retired and How to Manage its EOL

Author: Naeem Khalid

application framework, Microsoft Silverlight, EOL, new solution, ClickSoftware, ClickSoftware 8.3 will reach its end-of-life (EOL) date on December 31st, 2023, which is a major concern for its users due to the link between EOL and solution security and compatibility issues.

If your organization has a ClickSoftware 8.3 or 8.x product or has transitioned from one, you might be questioning why, if Salesforce owns ClickSoftware, are these extremely popular Click 8.x products being retired?

The answer is that the application framework at the core of these products, Microsoft Silverlight, is no longer being updated or supported; which Salesforce has no control over. This blog will give more details on this topic and offer tips on managing your ClickSoftware solution’s upcoming EOL.

Why ClickSoftware 8.3 is Retiring

How is Microsoft Silverlight being the application framework for ClickSoftware 8.x products related to them being retired?

  • Microsoft Silverlight was retired by Microsoft, and the last remaining universal support ended on October 21st, 2021
  • Silverlight being Click 8. x’s application framework means it’s at the core of these products; it is the part of the product that allows a user to look at and interact with things in the application
  • If this framework is no longer supported, it creates an area of vulnerability within the application

We won’t go into the pros and cons of Silverlight here, but the most recent version came out in December 2011. As technology ages, it becomes increasingly more expensive and difficult to support, and at this point, technology has advanced and gone in a new direction.

If Microsoft retired Silverlight’s remaining support on October 21st, 2021, and Silverlight is at the core of ClickSoftware 8.3, why is Click 8.3’s EOL date December 31st, 2023, and not October 21st, 2021; and can’t Salesforce take over support?

  • Microsoft Silverlight is proprietary or owned and controlled by Microsoft, meaning Salesforce can’t make changes to it even if they own Click 8.3
  • To give ClickSoftware 8.3 users more time to find a new solution, Salesforce negotiated with Microsoft to allow extended support until the December 2023 EOL date

Factoring in how quickly technology and trends have changed, it makes sense for all parties involved — Microsoft, Salesforce, and ClickSoftware 8.3 users — to move towards technology that avoids the security and compatibility risks of older tech and supplies more flexibility and sustainability.

How to Manage its EOL

Depending on the size of your organization, finding a new solution and getting it set up to provide the exact functionality you need is going to take time. If you have Click 8.3, time is limited, so focus on replicating the basics and building out the functions you need from there.

With Salesforce’s ownership of ClickSoftware, their Salesforce Field Service solution is going to have a leg up in terms of functionality replication, but in general:

  • Use advisory services to create a solution roadmap or timeline and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Get someone who knows ClickSoftware involved to implement or support your new solution to minimize disruption and downtime, as well as speed up the process
  • Remember there will be give and take involved any time you transition from one solution to another; factor in long-term benefits and the solution’s ability to adapt to your organization’s needs
    • E.g., the solution’s integration, configuration, customization, industry-specific, and cross-organizational capabilities

If your organization needs help migrating from ClickSoftware 8.3 to a new solution, we’re here to help. We have a history as a top ClickSoftware partner and have become a go-to implementer and advisor for Click 8.3 to Salesforce Field Service migrations.

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