The Rolling Warehouse™: A New Take on Maximizing ROI and Customer Support

Author: Matt McCallum

Optimizing operations, Resource and Dispatch Optimization, Maximizing ROI, Order and inventory management, Customer SupportImproving the customer experience while also optimizing operations and cutting costs is hand’s down one of the most commonly repeated goals we’ve heard when working with our clients. It’s a theme that’s accelerated across all types of businesses, but a need that especially hits home for service organizations.

Connecting those three concerns and looking at them in terms of their impact on each other is one of the best ways to make sure you’re going further and getting more in terms of ROI with a service or field service management (FSM) solution.

Where the Customer Experience, Performance, and Expenditure Meet is Your Bottom Line

First, let’s look at what we mean when we talk about the customer experience. Think of it as the impression you leave your customers with after every interaction they have with your organization, including the ones going on in the background. That includes:

  • Each individual or business (and the individuals that make up that business) that are currently your customers, as well as potential clients;
  • And everything from self-generated assistance through to service and billing resolution.

Treating the customer support side of your organization as something separate from the operational side of your organization is where service organizations run into problems—or are missing out on opportunities.

Each tool you give to your employees—regardless of their role—to do their job better and faster, without the need for follow-up, can minimize the effort needed by your customers to get the results they want.

  • Getting those results more easily or surpassing expectations creates a better customer experience.
  • Doing things more efficiently ultimately affects your profits in multiple ways, including decreasing overall spending, increasing repeat business, and freeing up time and resources for more work.

Achieving a More Cohesive Solution

Complementary products and services that are focused on addressing service and FSM industry pain points—while providing a next-level customer experience, closing gaps, and more easily achieving ROI—is what we would define as a more cohesive solution.

As an accessible way to attain that solution, we’ve come up with The Rolling Warehouse™. It’s focused on client success and brings together:

The Rolling Warehouse™, Customer Support, Maximizing ROI, service organizations

The implementation and configuration of those products, combined with the knowledge and experience of leveraging them to meet an individual organization’s needs works to:

  • Create an improved customer experience, optimize operations, and cut costs across several areas of the business—the major goals we mentioned previously and above;
  • Combine different areas of service onto a single platform—which helps to future-proof a business;
  • And acts as a way to simplify an existing solution.

A New Take on Maximizing ROI and Customer Support

Every aspect of your business can determine whether your customers have a positive or negative experience and a positive or negative view of your business as a whole.

If you’re looking for a new take on maximizing ROI and customer support while meeting your organization’s challenges:

  • Gain more accurate data,
  • And better control over how different areas of your business impact each other;
  • To more easily set the narrative of what your customers are experiencing.

The Rolling Warehouse™ can help achieve that, and can be expanded to completely encompass all of your organization’s needs—so contact us for more information or advice on meeting your organization’s service and FSM goals.