4 Ways Salesforce Service Cloud Can Take Your Customer Service to New Heights

Author: Nick Van Haeften

We’re living in a time when customer experience matters more than ever. Empowered by smartphones that make our lives easier, more and more of us expect an effortless service experience and simply won’t stay loyal if we don’t receive the service we want on our terms. The implications of not meeting customer demands are clear: if you don’t provide your customer with a great service experience, your competitors will. Here’s where Salesforce Service Cloud comes in to help you do that.

Delivering great customer service doesn’t have to be a daunting task, here are 4 ways that you can leverage the right technology tools to deliver a winning customer service strategy:

Find Answers Fast

Do your service agents have all the information they need to resolve cases at their fingertips? Salesforce Service Cloud empowers agents to find the answers they need quickly, via an online searchable Knowledge Base without having to escalate cases to a manager. With the knowledge that’s embedded right in the console, agents can deliver the right answers to customers and share articles to any channel or device with just one click.

On average companies using Service Cloud experience 42% faster case resolution times.*

Increase Service Agent Efficiency

Making your agents more productive is a game-changer in today’s business environment and a better agent experience means a better customer experience. Service Cloud allows you to set up macros, the automation of simple processes, and repetitive tasks such as email responses, field updates, and task assignments.  This reduces the time agents spend on manual tasks so they can spend more time-solving customer problems. In addition, a simple, customizable, and easy-to-use console gives agents a complete view of customers allowing them to instantly see a unified view of every case detail, history, and customer interaction across the platform.

On average companies using Service Cloud experience 40% greater agent productivity.*

Help Your Customers to Help Themselves

Making service easy for your customers is a no-brainer. It’s also one of the best customer satisfaction strategies.  Many customers prefer to do their own research and find the answers to their questions by themselves. With Salesforce Communities and Knowledge Base, Service Cloud empowers customers to learn for themselves, discuss solutions and help each other without ever having to speak to a service agent.  With the right customer self-service solutions in place, you can alleviate the everyday, simple customer service requests and allow your team to focus on serving high-priority cases.

On average companies using Service Cloud experience a 31% increase in case deflection.*

Personalize Your Customer Experience

One size doesn’t fit all.  Customers expect fast, personalized service regardless of the channel, whether it be social, web, text, email, or phone calls. Lightning Service Console allows you to connect with customers how and when they want, bringing cases from every channel into one place, along with customer profiles, purchasing history, account information – you name it.

On average companies using Service Cloud experience a 40% increase in customer satisfaction.*

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*Source: Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey, conducted 2015–2017 among 7,000+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.