Click 8.3 Migration Guide: Information on EOL Security, Salesforce Field Service, and Transition Support  

Author: Stephen Sugumar

Click to Salesforce Field Service Migration Guide. end-of-life, EOL, securityIf your organization is using Click 8.3, by this point you’re aware of the December 31, 2023 end-of-life (EOL) date. It’s a very big deal when a system reaches EOL, because it means a lack of support and increased risk—in terms of security, operations, financial repercussions, etc.  

You might already know that. You might be currently looking to transition your organization to a new system or platform. You might be weighing your options, or in the final stages of deciding on a replacement.  

It’s a big decision to make. If you have any questions or doubts at all about transitioning or deciding on that replacement, we’ve created a guide to help: 

Why You Should Download This Guide 

In this case, more information is better.  

Diabsolut has helped numerous ClickSoftware customers successfully migrate onto the Salesforce Platform and to Salesforce Field Service—so this information is coming from a place of real-world experience. 

  • We began our relationship with ClickSoftware in 2003 and became a top-tier implementation partner and reseller, as well as one of the largest sources of ClickSoftware certified professionals in North America outside of ClickSoftware themselves.  
  • We’ve been a Salesforce partner since 2008, reaching top-tier status with them as well, and have become one of their go-to experts for service solutions.  

The guide is easy to follow and understand, includes graphics and case studies, and will at the very least give you more knowledge to base your migration-related decisions. 

We’ve made it straightforward and not focused on selling you anything. Do we want you to come to us if you need to migrate from Click 8.3? Absolutely, but: 

  • The content was put together based on questions and feedback we’ve gotten from organizations who have been where you are with their ClickSoftware migration,  
  • And it will hopefully give you the details you need in order to answer questions and move forward. 

Topics and Information Covered 

If you have doubts or questions about things like: 

  • Cloud vs on-premises solutions,  
  • Why exactly does EOL mean you need a solution replacement if you’re happy with Click 8.3, 
  • The difference between early iterations of Salesforce Field Service vs what it is today, vs ClickSoftware, 
  • Or the benefits of a replacement system vs a replacement platform—it’s covered. 

This is not a standard product guide; it’s meant to be as informative as possible. There is a lot of general knowledge provided, even in sections dedicated to our preferred Click 8.3 replacement, Salesforce Field Service. Sections include: 

  • End-of-Life (EOL) and What it Means for Solution Security 
    • With information about Cloud vs On-Premises and cost of ownership. 
  • The Relationship Between ClickSoftware and Salesforce 
    • A detailed and honest review of where Salesforce Field Service began, and where it is today—both what it offers in comparison to Click 8.3, and what to expect as far as future development. 
  • Salesforce Field Service as a Click 8.3 and Platform Replacement 
    • Based on client feedback and experience, as well as product and solution details. 
  • Our Background with ClickSoftware and Salesforce 
    • With transition case studies, both post-transition and during the decision-making process. 
  • Tips and services. 

Additional Answers and Support 

We’re here to help. Take a look at the eBook, or feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to answer questions or offer advice and support.