Tableau CRM Cost and Compliancy Spotlight: Revenue and Reporting at a Glance

Author: Linda Nelson

If you’re familiar with the Salesforce platform you know one of its biggest draws is its ability to track, organize, and display relevant data. While Salesforce does have its own out-of-the-box analytics tools, some organizations need a more micro level detail of large quantities of data, which is where Tableau CRMformerly Einstein Analytics, comes in. 

What is Tableau CRM?

Tableau is a tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to translate mass quantities of data into easy-to-follow reports. It takes data from across the entire organization and sorts it into meaningful analytics so that you can deep dive into details for things like KPIs, profit and loss, and balance sheets. 

In other words, really detailed and hard-to-follow information is shown clearly. You can see how everything is connected by pressing a button. There is no rabbit hole of data to get lost in or complicated trails to follow. 

Technical Details

  • One of the most comprehensive and powerful analytics packages on the market. 
    • Capabilities ranging from AI Deep Learning and Automated Machine Learning Engines to simple reports and dashboards. 
  • Gathers, reports, and analyses data—then offers recommendations with autogenerated presentations. 
    • Customizable role-specific dashboards and KPIs. 
    • Each dashboard will show its own specific trends and reports. 
  • Great way to simplify for organizations juggling various reporting tools to get specialized reporting. 
    • External data connectors allow it to connect to external systems bringing in and consolidating all data; including data from external analytics and support tools.
    • Very user-friendly and visually appealing. 
  • Industry agnostic and scalable. 
    • Any organization, and any team or department within that organization can use Tableau CRM to hit targets, achieve goals, and make smarter decisions based on more complete data. 

How it Can Help with Revenue and Compliancy 

While Tableau is a great tool for limitless use cases, if you want a simple way to overhaul your organization’s revenue and compliancy—or want to majorly upgrade your forecasting and planning—this tool will immediately demonstrate its value. 

If something catches your eye you can instantly take a look at the data behind it, in a visual and graphic way, meaning: 

  • Anyone from C-level management to financial controllers and beyond can get robust reports immediately when they notice trends. 
    • Not only is the data all in one place, but so are the related reports and suggested actions. 
    • Which then allows for more flexibility and faster decision-making. 
  • Large and detailed batches of data are presented in a new, more intuitive way.  
  • You can see what money was spent where, by who, and what reason they gave in an instant if there are compliancy concerns. 
  • All of the labor-intensive compellation and analyses associated with revenue is automated—allowing organizations to focus on what data is more important for them to reach their goals. 

Salesforce, Tableau CRM, and Finances

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