Our SFS-X App is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce native
field service solutions
for dispatcher efficiency
and technician safety

Salesforce native solutions for

dispatcher efficiency and technician safety

SFS-X is a comprehensive suite of features meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency of Salesforce Field Service operations. With a focus on optimizing productivity, Diabsolut’s aim is to deliver solutions that empower businesses of all sizes to excel in their field service endeavors. This app is tailored to streamline processes, improve safety on the field and heighten operational efficiency. By leveraging SFS-X, businesses can benefit from enhanced visibility into work status and completion, leading to empowered field teams and improved overall performance.



The SFS-X app is an ISV app working within Salesforce Field Service.

Mobile Layout

Designed to simplify the work of field technicians and boost their productivity, this highly customizable solution ensures field service technicians have a more efficient and intuitive access to their field service data on the go.


Design page layouts tailored to the needs of mobile users, optimizing the way technicians interact with field service data.

Simplified Navigation

A customized tab-based layout streamlines access to data and eliminates the need for extensive scrolling. Technicians will experience a more organized and intuitive UI, making it easier to access, review, and update field service information.

Working Alone Timer and Alert System

By implementing the Working Alone Timer and Alert System, organizations can enhance technician safety, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate potential incidents associated with working alone in high-risk environments. This fosters a culture of safety and proactive monitoring, ultimately ensuring the well-being of technicians.

Technician Safety

Technicians can set a working alone timer to proactively manage their safety during high-risk activities. A timer interface to start, stop, and modify the timer, and send messages.

Dispatcher awareness

Dispatchers are alerted when a technician is working alone to be able to monitor and intervene when required.

Efficient Communication

Seamless communication between technicians and dispatchers, enabling quick response and support in critical situations.

Dynamic Status Transition

Designed to simplify service appointment status updates for field technicians, by providing them with an interface that displays only the next valid status transitions. The solution also automatically adapts to changes in status options, eliminating the need for manual updates by administrators. This feature improves efficiency and ensures accurate status management in Field Service.

Reduced Errors

With an interface that displays only the next valid transition options, technicians are guided through the process, ensuring that they can only select permitted statuses. This reduces frustration and errors associated with selecting invalid status transitions.

Enhanced Efficiency

Technicians can quickly and confidently select the next appropriate status, leading to improved service appointment management and increased productivity.

Simplified Administration

Administrators no longer need to create and manage complex flow configurations. The feature automatically adapts to changes in the service appointment status field or changes to permitted status transitions, without having to also update a flow.

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The SFS-X app is a Salesforce Field Service native app available on the Salesforce AppExchange for the optimization of your field service operations. Contact us directly to book a meeting with one of our reps or request a custom demo to get a better sense of how the app can be customized to your specific needs. We will show you how our customers are using the app, and together figure out if this solution solves your logistical issues.

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