Salesforce Lightning Transition

Why Transition?

Salesforce lightning transition

In the spring of 2019, Salesforce announced it would be turning on Lightning Experience starting in January 2020. What does this mean for Salesforce Classic users? Although there isn’t an end date for Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning will be their focus going forward.

Specifically, this means updates will now be for Lightning, not the older system. Therefore, organizations that don’t make the transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning may be left behind.

Why is Salesforce making the transition? Above all, they want their systems to provide the best end user experience possible. As a result, Salesforce Lightning was developed to provide a fresh, intuitive experience for their clients.

What This Means for Your Business

Moving to Salesforce Lightning opens up a world of new possibilities. It’s a CRM system that allows for an overall richer user experience. For example, data is shown visually.  Therefore, the user no longer has to rely on looking only at numbers.

Additionally, Salesforce Lightning offers even more customization options. Our experts at Diabsolut can set up Salesforce Lightning to provide you with:

Making the Right Move, the Right Way

Salesforce Lightning is the future for Salesforce CRM. In other words, it’s a transition that has to happen. Diabsolut Cloud Solutions wants to help your business make this move the right way. Most importantly, our experts want to make transitioning to Salesforce Lightning a positive and comfortable experience for our clients.

At the top of our list is making your Salesforce Lightning migration a complete team effort. With this in mind, we work to ensure Salesforce Lightning is giving you an optimized experience, at a good value, and with room for your business to grow. Working together, with our expertise, we are able to customize the system to meet your organization’s unique needs.

We Offer Transition Packages, Which Include:

Allow Our Experts to Help You Focus Forward by Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning.