ROI Insight: Certinia PSA and Salesforce Field Service

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Field service organizations with Salesforce Field Service can gain several benefits relating to work order and task management by linking Certinia PSA (Professional Services Automation) to Salesforce Field Service.  This blog will review the basics of both Salesforce Field Service and Certinia PSA, as well as the next steps to either move forward and improve your existing solution, or plan phases for future implementation.

If Salesforce Field Service exceeds the scope of your organization’s immediate business requirements and you are using a different Salesforce CRM (e.g., Sales, Service, Heath, or Manufacturing Cloud), it’s still possible to achieve many of the ROI benefits in this blog. Take a look at our Certinia PSA to Salesforce Time-of-Day Scheduling brochure, or contact us for more information. for more information.

The Basics: Salesforce, Salesforce Field Service, and Certinia PSA

Salesforce: Part of the appeal of a Salesforce solution is the number of platform extensions you can add in order to create efficiency and maximize productivity. Think of a Salesforce platform as a base that comes with tools to automate and improve your organization’s processes.

You can add to that base with even more tools to automate and improve different areas of your organization and configure them to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Salesforce Field Service: We mentioned Salesforce Field Service at the beginning of this blog, which is an ideal base for many field service organizations. There’s a great breakdown of Salesforce Field Service here, but in short, it is part of the Service Cloud suite of products and comes with a lot of field service-specific tools, like:

  • The ability to make and track service appointments.
  • The ability to set up territories.
  • A dispatcher-specific interface.
  • A mobile app.

Certinia PSA: PSA is one of the extensions you can add. It’s a system that automates professional service processes and was built to work natively with Salesforce. This means that it’s easy to integrate, and provides a unified look and experience for end-users within Salesforce.

    • It automates, tracks, and organizes any and all project information, including time, expenses, and tasks.
    • From an end-user’s perspective, it will look and feel like Salesforce, but provide extra tools.

Certinia PSA and Salesforce Field Service for a Higher ROI

Certinia PSA is a fantastic way to gain a better ROI from any Salesforce platform. Looking specifically at Certinia PSA’s tools and how it can be used with Salesforce Field Service, there are several ways it can help organizations achieve a higher ROI:

  1. The need to manually create work orders is eliminated, which saves time going back and forth with dispatch, and lowers the risk of error due to manual entry.
    • You gain the ability to manage projects, work orders, and tasks from your Salesforce system
    • The need for duplicate entry is gone, so no need to enter time, check off task completion, or log project or work order details into separate systems.
  1. In addition to the point listed above, the overall end-user experience is improved; by gaining things like Gantt charts for tasks, complete visibility for back-office and dispatch, time and expense tracking from the field, and no separate logins.
  2. Project management and progress is streamlined because everything can be tracked and managed in one system, including ongoing projects; and you can automatically assign specific tasks or work orders to individual projects.
    • Control in the field is increased due to better visibility and real-time data.
  1. You gain information from different perspectives, which allows you to gather more accurate data for forecasting and planning.
  2. Linking PSA to work in the field allows for contract and service refinement, which can lead to better sales, and the ability to see where your organization might be losing money.

Next Steps

Thinking that all sounds great, but unsure of what to do next? If you’re interested in learning more about Certinia PSA, Salesforce Field Service, or how linking the two can help your individual organization, we’re here to help.

We use PSA in our own organization, have some great demos to walk you through, and are always willing to advise organizations about how to get where they would like to go in a way that makes sense for their resources, timeline, and goals.

If you’re a Click 8.3 user and would like to learn more about Salesforce Field Service as a replacement, or are unsure of which Salesforce system is would meet your organization’s individual needs, we have a number of resources and field service experts to assist you.