Episode 12: Revenue-Focused Trends in Field Service

From Arc 4: Monetizing Field Service: Our Revenue-Centric Solution to Optimize Your Operations’ ROI

March 5, 2024 | 10 minutes

Host Stephen Sugumar and co-host Peter McMullan return in this episode to wrap up their discussion of monetizing field service with revenue solutions with industry trends. Learn more about the push to empower frontline workers with the right tools and information, an increased focus on expanding an organization’s after-market parts and services network, and AI’s role in achieving proactive operations.

Key takeaways
  • Increasing a technician’s ability to organically capitalize on onsite opportunities via tools and information (e.g., deliver a quote when a customer asks about a service, change an account phone number, provide preventative maintenance, etc.) is a trend that’s being used to increase revenue and improve the customer experience
  • Having the ability to manage and expand your after-market parts and services vendor network helps increase revenue and gives customers more flexibility
  • Service contracts and AI are both being used to shift away from reactive operations towards proactive operations
  • Advancement in data process, reporting, and visualization tools are helping field service organizations understand who to target and what service to offer to increase revenue

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Highlights & Timestamps

0:00 | Introduction
0:52 | Trend 1: Empower your frontline service workforce to sell
2:26 | Trend 2: Access and use of customer account details
3:47 | Trend 3: Support after-market parts & services
5:51 | Trend 4: The power of AI: Being proactive instead of reactive
7:46 | Trend 5: Extending warranties and service contracts
8:58 | Conclusion


Main Speakers

Stephen Sugumar, Account Executive at Diabsolut
Stephen has delved into many roles over the years, from development, professional services, solutions consulting, into his current role as account executive today. Leveraging his technical expertise and solutioning adaptability to find a path forward within all his engagements while guiding his team in similar fashion. He is an expert in processes and best practices—leveraging insight from industries such as Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Home Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, and High Tech—to support Diabsolut’s customers in their evaluation and selection of Service solutions.

Peter McMullan, Solutions Consultant at Diabsolut
As a seasoned member of the Pre-Sales team, Peter brings an expertise in service management, focusing on field service and improving operations within service organizations. His background in engineering gives him a fresh, solution-driven perspective that he leverages to analyze problems. Peter proves himself to be a trusted advisor to Diabsolut and customers through his understanding of business analysis, process improvement, development, and configuration in designing and demonstrating tailored solutions.

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