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Episode 05: How Diabsolut Recognizes and Alleviates Your Pain with Current Industry Standards

From Arc 2: Automotive Cloud: How Salesforce Is Revolutionizing an Industry

August 15, 2023 | 16 minutes

In the second episode of arc two, Peter McMullan stands in as host to interview NADA graduate, and former dealership general manager and owner, Johnny Evangelista — who serves as an Account Executive and automotive industry expert at Diabsolut. They discuss common industry pain points, how Salesforce Automotive Cloud and Diabsolut work towards addressing those pain points, and managing a dealership’s tech stack investment from an owner or manager’s perspective.

Key takeaways
  • The technology or tech stack you invest in has a direct impact on your bottom line; get help to invest in one that’s flexible enough to address your own dealership or dealership group’s philosophy and use cases to improve time to value and ROI
  • Data silos in sales and service lower profitability and can ruin a customer relationship; connected solutions make sure everyone has the information they need
  • Implementations that provide support, technical knowledge, streamlined integration, training, and change management are lacking in automotive, even though they directly affect ROI
  • Making it easier to target issues like increasing CSIs, reducing obsolete parts, etc., with automation and configuration will increase profitability
  • Look for scalability — get a good base solution set up and then add modules from there; the less complex to use the better

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Highlights & Timestamps

00:00 | Introduction
1:01 | Johnny’s background and his auto industry experience
2:35 | How does Johnny see Automotive Cloud being leveraged in the industry
3:11 | Pain point 1: Flexibility of the solution
3:55 | Pain point 2: Change management and training support from your partner
4:37 | Pain point 3: Information and operation silos within sales and service
9:00 | Implementing, configuring and adopting a new solution to fix the industry pain points
11:15 | Optimizing your solution: How is Diabsolut bringing extra value for our clients
15:42 | Conclusion


Main Speaker

Peter McMullan, Solutions Consultant at Diabsolut
As a seasoned member of the Pre-Sales team, Peter brings an expertise in service management, focusing on field service and improving operations within service organizations. His background in engineering gives him a fresh, solution-driven perspective that he leverages to analyze problems. Peter proves himself to be a trusted advisor to Diabsolut and customers through his understanding of business analysis, process improvement, development, and configuration in designing and demonstrating tailored solutions.

Guest Speaker

Johnny Evangelista, Account Executive at Diabsolut
An Account Executive with a client-centric approach to consulting, Johnny’s hands-on industry experience includes selecting and onboarding various SaaS solutions as a client himself. This, along with an extensive background in both relationship management and sales, has helped him in establishing trust-based partnerships driven by expertise and a first-hand appreciation for his clients’ needs.

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