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Episode 01: What Is Pre-Sales?

From Arc 1: Understanding The Value of Pre-Sales

June 13, 2023 | 7 minutes

In this episode, Stephen welcomes Peter McMullan, a Solutions Consultant at Diabsolut, to discuss pre-sales — offering a firsthand perspective of what a pre-sales team does and their role when working with clients. This episode will be particularly helpful if your organization is planning on investing in a SaaS solution and you’re interested in learning more about how a pre-sales team adds value to solution design and development. 

Key Takeaways
  • Pre-sales refers to having resources available to support the complete sales cycle, mostly by coordinating resources, providing technical content, answering questions, speaking with customers, and presenting demos
  • These sales enablement processes allow us to better understand customer expectations, and prepare for market changes and foreseen requests and issues
  • Solutions consultant are key to improving the likelyhood of an opportunity being successful, focusing on providing the right solutions for each unique opportunity
  • Over the last decade, more and more companies have been investing in a pre-sales department to support their sales division
  • Pre-sales can also be referred to as sales enablement, sales support, technical sales, or sales engineering

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Highlights & Timestamps

0:00 | Introduction
0:23 | What is a pre-sales org?
1:33 | What is a solutions consultant in pre-sales?
4:14 | What is their role and responsibility within an opportunity cycle?
6:20 | How to maximize value of a solutions consultant through the coordination with the sales team



Stephen Sugumar, Manager, Solutions Consulting at Diabsolut
Stephen has delved into many roles over the years, from development, professional services into his current role as Manager of Solutions Consulting today. Leveraging his technical expertise and solutioning adaptability to find a path forward within all his engagements while guiding his team in similar fashion. He is an expert in processes and best practices—leveraging insight from industries such as Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Home Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, and High Tech—to support Diabsolut’s customers in their evaluation and selection of Service solutions.  

Main Speaker

Peter McMullan, Solutions Consultant at Diabsolut
As a seasoned member of the Pre-Sales team, Peter brings an expertise in service management, focusing on field service and improving operations within service organizations. His background in engineering gives him a fresh, solution-driven perspective that he leverages to analyze problems. Peter proves himself to be a trusted advisor to Diabsolut and customers through his understanding of business analysis, process improvement, development, and configuration in designing and demonstrating tailored solutions.

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