Managed Services

Managed Services

Taking your organization to the next level.

Taking your
organization to
the next level!

Maximize the return on your investment

Maximize the return

on your investment

Investing in a digital transformation can be costly, especially as your business grows and your technology needs are constantly evolving.  Diabsolut’s Managed Services were specifically designed to keep an organization’s end-users and end goals front and center after a digital transformation.  Our services are tailored to meet your specific business needs and alleviate the need for hiring additional resources to maintain your org.

Our advisory and managed services are a value creation program that provide our customers:

  • Consistent service process
  • Minimal resource changes
  • Ability to predict costs
  • Flexibility to adjust to the unexpected
  • Clear paths of escalations when challenges arise

Cost Savings

Higher ROI


Diverse Skillset

What’s included in

our Managed Services?

Implementation Services

Solution Optimization

Your solution should be tailored to your business, industry, and the people that use it daily to maximize value. From configuration to streamlining workflows and beyond, we can help your organization and end-users gain more benefits from your Salesforce solution.

Customer Experience Automation

Minimize the effort and maximize the impact of your prospect and customer engagement. We can ensure customer data is being captured and interpreted in the right way, automate time-consuming tasks, set-up self-service options, and improve your customers’ overall experience.

Developer and Integration Services

Process and Data Best Practices

If your organization is transitioning from a solution or wants to set itself up for success with best practices, we can help. Data entry, migration, consolidation, storage, and backup; documentation, validation, and approvals, mobile device sync methods — anything you need, we have you covered.


Also known as development and operations, we can work with you to establish a state of continuous solution improvement and agile delivery for fast-paced and faster-time-to-value updates, benefits, and on-platform capability expansion.

Integration Analysis

Proper system integration ensures your solution is both secure, and working how you need it to, in the best way possible. We can supply any integration assistance you may need from troubleshooting to streamlining, to meeting custom integration needs.

Release and Change Services

Lightning Migration

Migration services that are designed to help minimize downtime and disruption, optimize your solution, and make sure your organization has the Salesforce Lightning features it needs to succeed.

Ongoing Solution Enhancements

If your organization is experiencing internal or external change, such as a gradual transition from a legacy system, growth, or change in business requirements, continuous solution refinements can help avoid risks and ensure solution functionality continues to be optimized.

Support Services

Industry-Specific Technical Expertise

Our technical experts know your industry and take the time to get to know your business. They can collaborate with your internal resources to fill skill gaps, supply training to build your organization’s own technical capabilities and user confidence, or supply technical support you can trust.

Analytical Services

Dashboards, Analytics, and Reporting

We provide dashboards designed for efficiency and the teams that use them; and analytics that review, interpret, and communicate information via suggestions and reporting — using out-of-the-box capabilities whenever possible. Get the right information to the right people with minimal effort.


Diabsolut Difference

Our Team advocates on your behalf and offer clients the following:

  • Value realization out and desired business outcome of implemented solutions;
  • Develop a long-term implementation vision and roadmap;
  • Help prioritize feature roadmap;
  • Identify additional services for future growth.

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