Embracing Change: FinancialForce’s Certinia Rebrand

Author: Nana Gregg

Certain (Sir-TIN) 

Certainty (Sir-tin-TEE) 

Certinia (Sir-TIN-ee-ya)


Change is hard, but it is also inevitable. 

We change. The people around us change. The world is ever-changing. Businesses change and so does technology. One thing we can be certain about is that we will continue to be surrounded by change. 

I started working in the Salesforce space in 2007 and implementing FinancialForce , ahem, Certinia in 2011. A LOT has changed since then. We went from S-Controls to Flow, from Classic to Lightning, and from ClickLink to Messaging.  

Throughout the years I’ve often been asked ‘How do you continue to innovate?’ — accepting that change is inevitable is a big part of continuing to innovate and grow. 

Embracing Change

If you struggle with continuing to innovate or find yourself feeling stagnant, there’s a formula that might help you move forward and is pretty E.A.S.Y. to remember: 

  • Embrace change 
  • Always be learning 
  • Showcase your skills/work   
  • (Know that) You got this, with the power of the community behind you!  

Notice that first one: embrace change. Although change is hard, we can’t do anything to stop it, and embracing it puts you a step ahead. 

This includes new names, new directions, and new technology.  

I’ve seen Certinia grow from 62 Employees in 2011 with a blue logo to a new red and black color-scheme and logo in 2018, to a whole new identity as Certinia and over 700 employees today. 

What hasn’t changed is the fact that Certinia’s services as a business offerings are still part of the best-in-class platform that unifies ERP, PSA, CRM and all other essential business systems, to provide a holistic view of your business to enable certainty in this ever-changing world. 

Certinia (Sir-TIN-ee-ya) 

After so long, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue yet, and I’m guaranteed to slip up and say FinancialForce for a while, but I’m excited for this new chapter of innovation and will continue to embrace change! 


If your organization is looking to innovate and embrace change in the form of a digital solution, we can help. 


For more information about Certinia’s new direction: 

About the Author:

Nana Gregg – Solution Architect at Diabsolut

Nana Gregg has been implementing technology solutions on the Salesforce and Certinia platform for over 15 years.  Equipped with extensive exposure and working experience with multi-national clients, Nana is a big-picture thinker and in-depth problem solver. She has broad technical knowledge of the platform and professional services business operations and loves working with customers to help utilize the technology to transform the business.