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Top of the class CRM for
higher education (EDA).

Connect students right through their journey and beyond.

The world of Higher Education holds a diverse audience that is rapidly changing. We must take into account the needs of students, faculty, staff and alumni. In addition, there are business and regulatory concerns. Balancing all of this can be complex, so Education Cloud is here to help you.  

You may recognize some of the pressures today’s institutions are facing. There is a push to be connected, modern and adaptive. With the right tools in place, meeting these needs no longer has to be difficult. Higher Ed institutions are seeking out Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to drive student engagement and retention.  

“Diabsolut with Salesforce was the winner, as they were able to listen to our business needs and trust that we knew our processes well enough to engineer a solution together.”

Associate Director of Enrolment and Information Systems, Western University

Working smarter with Salesforce Higher Ed.

Education Cloud for Higher Education manages the student lifecycle, from prospective students through alumni. It does this while assisting institutions to meet their many other needs.

How does it do this? It was built to provide a complete and real-time view of constituents. Using this data, it predicts issues and delivers a tailored user experience.

This is done using a set of Salesforce products which includes:

  • Salesforce Platform.
  • Education Data Architecture (EDA).
  • Solutions for Recruiting, Admissions, Student Success, and Advancement.
  • Purpose-built products like Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL).

Some of your

wins with Salesforce Education Cloud

Tap into our experience as Education Cloud consultants so that you can become a connected campus. 

  • Unite students with recruiters, hence increase applications.
  • Meet recruitment and admission goals.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Spot gaps in the recruiting and admissions funnel, tweak your tactics.
  • Add methods of communication while centralizing data.
  • Track progress and generate reports with dashboards.
  • Spot at-risk students as well as deploy help.
  • Enhance the collaboration of students, faculty and staff.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Add live chat and engagement.
  • Increase fundraising in addition to finding new donors.
  • Stay connected with existing supporters.
  • Boost alumni engagement, including career mentorship.

People Management on Platform

We’ll work with you to understand your objectives, then develop a solution that will empower your organization.