What is Salesforce Admissions Connect?

Author: Punya Dutta

Salesforce has begun turning its attention to some new content for their Higher Ed clients, which is great news for institutions that have had to rely on customized tools in the past. While they have several things in the pipeline, their first offering will be a new app for recruitment and admissions, called Admissions Connect.

What is Admissions Connect?

This is the first Salesforce tool specifically designed to integrate with their Education Cloud platform and will be a huge step forward in creating a more unified and improved student experience—even for prospective students.

It was developed to streamline the application process, by:

  • Being very user-friendly, for both students and administrators.
  • Offering an improved application reader.
  • Tracking document submission requirements, with an easy-to-follow dynamic checklist visible to both the administrator and applicant.
    • Whoever is reviewing the documents or application can make notes for that student or anyone else that is helping with the application review.
  • Making it easier to find, track, submit, and manage documents; which will automatically be attached to the student’s profile in the Education Cloud.
  • Being highly configurable, while still offering the standard Salesforce document fields.

Why is this big news?

Previously, organizations would need to rely on an outside party to develop and integrate a customized application that can do everything this new tool is capable of.

We’ve developed similar functionality for a number of our own clients, so we know how helpful this is for organizations wanting to cut down on duplicates, time spent on the applications process, and time spent handling application status calls and questions—which are major for ROI and cost savings, both in the short and long-term.

Admissions Connect in Action

Say a student is applying to a business program at your Higher Ed institution. The normal application process asks for 5 documents, but this is an international student, who needs to submit additional documentation. The student submits 3 of the required documents but has questions.

  • Application and document submission is all done via Salesforce Experience Cloud.
  • The information automatically syncs up in the Education Cloud.
  • A checklist is populated for both the student and application reviewer.
  • The student’s advisor can alter the number of documents needed, and links can be made to any documents that are already on file.
  • Questions can all be answered virtually.
  • Documentation can be accepted or rejected—with a reason provided to assist with follow-up.
  • This is all visible for the student, and any other relevant parties working on the application review, including faculty that need to be consulted.
  • Everything, including the application completion tracker, are easy to follow and easy to use.

This is one of an almost endless amount of scenarios Admissions Connect can be used for. The big picture here is the overall improvements to the application process it will offer for the universities and colleges that use Education Cloud.

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