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Do you remember microfiche? For decades, many utility and telco companies used microfiche and hand drawings to map their assets, from water pipes to gas lines and overhead wires.  Imagine how prone to inaccuracies this information must have been and how time consuming it was to keep records up to date. Thankfully, times have changed and today innovative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based mobile mapping tools are frequently used to accurately and efficiently map infrastructure assets and networks both above and below the ground.

A clear, real-time operational picture

Mobile mapping tools can convey complex data in a powerful, simple to use and easy to interpret visual way. For operations departments, this real-time, detailed bird’s eye view of their network, is critical for informed decision making for monitoring, inspecting and maintaining assets. Companies can easily and accurately pinpoint exactly where their assets are located, how they connect to each other and how they connect to end user customers.

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