Designed to fit our client’s distinct needs

Our training, like our other offerings, is not one size fits all. It’s bespoke, and designed to fit our client’s distinct needs, while keeping sustainable success and value in mind. Our training packages are based on what we know works, formed from best practices and decades of experience in the field; but are always customized to fit an organization’s unique people and processes.

By basing our training methods on what we know and have seen work, and adapting them to meet a client’s needs, it becomes training that not only gets the job done, but is better suited to that organization’s individuals and their roles.

Above all, our end user training is about making a personal impact. Preparing the users to be comfortable with the technology, and perform their jobs the right way, the day a project goes live.


We base our training packages on first-hand knowledge

Each individual implementation is different, just like each organization is different.

We base our training packages on first-hand knowledge

This means that their processes are also different.

We base our training packages on first-hand knowledge

Even if it’s a small difference, using a standard, off-the-shelf method of training has the potential to confuse end users and cause delays, not help them.



Admin training (created internally)

  • Targeted training designed for a client’s administrators, who will own and manage the software after the project is complete
  • Training is delivered directly to end-user Admins who are part of the project team
  • This type of training is typically delivered by our Solution Architect in a knowledge transfer session(s)
    • A Solution Architect is the expert who personally designs and adapts a client’s solution after getting to know that client’s needs and gathering information
  • The Admin will learn how-to use the tools, rather than day-in-the-life type training
  • Optionally, although not common, we can create training material for the admins

End-user training (created by outside group)

  • This type of training is for a client’s employees, such as: dispatchers, schedulers, technicians, and managers, who will be the end users of the software
  • We design, develop, produce, test and deliver the training course
  • We do not train people on how to use the software, we train people on how to do their jobs using the new software
    • This training is based on a ‘day-in-the-life’ of the user or on business processes; we then integrate the software training into that context
    • It aids retention, particularly for adult learners
    • It facilitates practice, which in turn helps retention, of scenarios that are based on an employee’s real experience
    • It cuts down on the support needed after go-live by managers and super users





  • Facilitating and delivering the actual training sessions to our client’s users, this includes creation of all training aids and handouts

Train the


  • Designing, developing, and producing training material
  • Providing training sessions to our client’s trainers in order for them to produce the content
  • The client is then responsible for delivering the material and training to their end users



Our individually tailored training packages vary in complexity, offering value and choice depending on the client’s culture, infrastructure, and what has worked well for them in the past. We can create completely unique packages, or combine our most popular offerings to suit an organization’s needs.

Most common form of training is Classroom based

  • This is instructor led training, meaning an instructor is physically at the front of the classroom, with a PowerPoint presentation and demos of the software
  • Each learner has a PC, laptop, or device to access the system and practice what they have been taught in a training environment

We also offer Virtual Classrooms

  • This is the same format as above, but built to be delivered virtually
  • It is normally done via a collaboration tool, such as:, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • There are obvious advantages for remote learners

Alternately, we can provide full e-Learning Solutions

  • This method of training involves voice over, avatars, embedded simulations, videos etc.
  • Although higher in cost, it can also be beneficial for remote learners

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