Salesforce Field Service Packages Tailored to Bring Small to Mid-Size FSM Organizations Affordable Success

Author: Bryan Burns

Having been in and around Field Services (FS) for my entire career, seeing the impact this year has had on so many Field Service Management (FSM) organizations has been difficult. While the opportunities are still there for success, they’ve become more limited to those who have kept up with technological advances within Field Service.

This means small and medium-sized businesses are getting left behind, which is something our team at Diabsolut, and myself personally, hate to see. It’s bad for the economy, for communities, and ultimately for field service.

Our team sat down to talk about the issue of these organizations getting mostly left behind due to circumstances largely outside of their control, and came up with what we hope is a solution: Salesforce Field Service (FSL) packages tailored specifically for small to mid-sized FSM businesses.

Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate (EPU)

Cost takeouts are happening everywhere and things don’t look like they’ll be getting better in the short term.  The solutions our team came up with were both from a small to medium FSM business owner’s perspective on this issue, and as experts in field service—what makes sense for organizations trying to get ahead considering what they’re facing today.

The packages were designed using Salesforce Field Service (FSL), as it’s a tier-one technology solution that delivers value for money, and created to achieve:

  • Organization and smart growth with technology
    • Smart growth focuses on doing more with the people you have to ensure you’re looking after both your employees and your organization’s future
  • Scalable, mobile, and secure cloud-based solutions for things such as:
    • Work orders and service tickets
    • Scheduling and dispatching
    • Capturing product and client information
  • Comprehensive, and cost-effective good/better/best (essential/ preferred/ultimate) offerings that are affordable
  • Solutions that can be deployed quickly to save on time and resources for our clients
  • Faster benefits realization
  • Functionality and efficiency that will help keep an organization competitive

We’re trying to look after organizations that know a change is necessary, but are unsure what to do next. Salesforce Field Service is a great product that Salesforce is constantly updating and improving—and we know that Salesforce and our implementation methods have brought growth and success for our clients over the years.

Contact: Jeremy Telycenas, Partner Engagement Manager, 416-901-9385,

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