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FinancialForce PSA & Experience Cloud

Quest had been experiencing a high volume of growth, which meant numerous acquisitions and contracted employees to better support their clients. After receiving a recommendation, they turned to Diabsolut for help finding a solution that would meet their unique needs, in addition to growing with them as their business continued to evolve.

FinancialForce EDI Automation Project

Salesforce and FinancialForce were brought on board to address pain points regarding sales, order management, and data integration post-aquisiton.

Salesforce Success Stories


While the industry you’re in will impact your checklist, the benefits for having a solid contractor management system in place add up quickly. For a detailed view of some of those benefits, check out how Bell Mobility handled their contractor management.


Finding a fix-it team with first-hand industry experience, who understood the problems and pressures they were facing, was the project’s starting point.

“Excellent to work with. Highly knowledgeable. Appropriate time spent scoping the project which allowed for a reliable SOW”

Peter Miele, VP of Sales


Diabsolut and Salesforce were brought on board by HEP to find the right solution to replace their SQL based legacy CRM system.

“Since the initial launch of one school, the model has supported five additional ones”

Adam Watson, Director, Technology, Higher Ed Partner


“Diabsolut is a long-standing and trusted partner of Gaz Metro Plus. This is yet another example project showcasing Diabsolut’s customer-first approach in setting proper expectations at the beginning of this project and taking the time to truly understand our needs and goals.”

Dominic Corbeil, Senior Director, Information Technology and Operations


“Diabsolut built something very stable and I sleep well at night because it doesn’t break down. From concept to the functioning system, we had great support.”

Ian Ingles, Operations Manager, Career and Co-op Centre, Ryerson


“Diabsolut with Salesforce was the winner, as they were able to listen to our business needs and trust that we knew our processes well enough to engineer a solution together. We could not happier with regard to the support and most importantly, the training provided by Diabsolut.”

Associate Director of Enrolment and Information Systems, Western University

White Papers and eBooks

Field Service Excellence: Mitigating Service Risk in a Mission-Critical Environment

5 critical risks for service organizations to consider and identifies how organizations can leverage leading technology to effectively manage their exposure to operational, safety and financial risks.

Field Service Guide to Safety: Improving Your FSM Organization’s Safety

Our comprehensive Field Service safety guide covers everything from governance and compliance to practical tips, remote worker management to technological resources. For FSM organizations interested in improving their safety or establishing a safety culture within their workplace.

Field Service Excellence:
Maximizing Your FSM

Poor field visibility, difficulty managing and assigning work to third party contractors and limited productivity savings are just some of the challenges keeping service leaders awake at night.


Whether you are implementing Salesforce and FinancialForce for an end-to-end integrated solution; or you prefer to integrate Salesforce with your ERP, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you up and running quickly and reliably.

We believe your success with Salesforce derives from the clear understanding of all revenue streams within all departmental touch points. Our approach focuses on a full revenue life cycle, from Lead to Cash, and takes into consideration how revenue interacts with other systems, processes, users, and customers.

As a long standing FinancialForce and Salesforce consulting partner, we understand unique business needs and are committed to your project’s success.  FinancialForce gives you the complete, customer-centric view of your business with ERP and PSA on the Salesforce platform to accelerate your business growth.

Could your people, process and technology benefit from a health check? Find out what 10 questions that you should be asking yourself to unlock the full potential of your field service solution.

Diabsolut’s Field Service consulting team is uniquely positioned as the trusted partner to some of the largest and most diverse field workforces in North America.

Diabsolut’s client care team is at your service. We’re 100% focused on our customers’ long-term success and we’re proud to offer a comprehensive, flexible support offering that’s as unique as you are.

We’re not just technologists and system integrators – transforming Field Service organizations has been the cornerstone of our business for over 15 years. Therefore, we offer you a team of seasoned Field Service and Salesforce experts.  

As experts in ClickSoftware, Diabsolut often develops applications to assist our clients. These accelerators streamline the utility of ClickSoftware and smooth integrations with other internal systems.

As experts in Higher Ed, we boost our customers’ student experience. We help them drive engagement and retention, all while balancing the needs of students, faculty, staff­ and alumni. Ensuring today’s campus connects with students throughout their journey and beyond.

Case Studies

Black Hills sought Diabsolut’s field service expertise to help integrate technology and processes following a merger and acquisition project.

SaskEnergy turned to Diabsolut to implement a new field service management solution that would integrate with their existing enterprise application systems and use workforce optimization to achieve their business objectives.

SaskTel turned to Diabsolut to increase field service efficiencies and elevate their customer experience.

See how Diabsolut’s long term partnership with Vivint has helped optimize field service efficiency and ensure technology and processes keep pace with continued, impressive growth.

With the end user in mind, Diabsolut utilized their understanding of the possible business scenarios and challenges Enbridge was facing to successfully merge all the processes on a single platform, from asset management to real-time information and data collection.


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