Letter to Our Customers

Over the past few weeks, the spread of COVID-19 is impacting all of us. To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, we wanted to formally let you know that Diabsolut has ceased all travel and have asked our staff to work from home.

We are not strangers to working remotely with customers and have extensive experience with online collaboration and communication techniques. To ensure client success we reviewed our remote work processes, tools and want to reassure you we remain focused on helping you achieve your goals.

With more and more people staying at home, the focus on service availability and service consistency inside homes and businesses will be significantly increased. Trying to balance technician and customer safety becomes a challenge.

Many of our customers with field resources are implementing system changes to help manage work in these challenging times and strive to protect their staff, their customers and abide by mandated protocols.

Here are some measures that customers have planned to help manage the situation:

  • Updating system messages to the organization and field staff to remind them of the need to maintain a hygiene routine (sanitizing tools, equipment & cleaning hands on a frequent basis)
  • Updating messaging/pop ups on orders where an address may contain quarantined individuals
  • Creating unique skills for people with the training/PPE to work on critical services inside impacted homes
  • Updating work types for outside work only orders
  • Reviewing Capacity Reservation/Limitation configurations to ensure regional limitations can be put in place if needed
  • Updating Status Flows to allow technicians to ‘reject’ work while onsite
    • Managing potential “Right to Refuse” situations. In cases where technicians do not feel safe once entering the home
  • New disposition codes for rejection or cancelation

As always, Diabsolut is here to help you as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.


Elie Hossari
President, Diabsolut