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HR technology may be something your small or medium-sized business has flirted with recently. But did you know HR technology can be leveraged by growing businesses to develop and strengthen their strategic human resource management practices, often at very little cost?

Here are five reasons HR technology should be part of your strategic human resource management in 2017 and beyond.

Automate repetitive HR functions

HR technology reduces the workload of your HR team by automating a number of repetitive administrative tasks such as record keeping and attendance, time off, performance reviews and expense management. When HR technology takes care of many of the ‘in the weeds” HR tasks, the team frees up time to focus on strategic human resource management tasks such as discovering ways to boost employee retention or devising effective employee engagement strategies.

Promote corporate culture

HR technology that incorporates a chat function and a social feed promotes a sense of cohesiveness amongst employees. Regularly shared shout-outs, inter-departmental announcements and personal wishes, such as birthdays, assist in developing and maintaining a corporate culture that is transparent and self-sustaining.

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