Dreamforce 2019: Our Top Takeaways

 2019 was, as we’ve come to expect from Salesforce, exciting, informative, and extremely well done. If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend one, picture: 

  • A diverse range of information sessions. 
  • Speakers ranging from former US president Barak Obama, to Apple CEO Tim Cook, to Game of Throne’s actress Emilia Clarke. 
  • Performances by artists, such as Fleetwood Mac. 
  • News and announcements.
  • And an exceptional opportunity to network and collaborate. 

It’s a massive event, with a lot written about it. We’ve supplied a link to Salesforce’s own recap of their announcements above, but our Diabsolut Field Service Management and Diabsolut Cloud Solutions team members were able to report on their own Dreamforce experiences. 


There were a lot of big announcements this year, which would you consider to be the most important in terms of industry impact? 

Alastair Dinning, Director of Professional Services at Diabsolut Cloud Solutions: Saleforce’s vision for the upcoming year was incredibly interesting and extensive as far as potentialThey announced a real focus on further development with Einstein AI and their 360 concept 

Essentially, they are now able to knit together a better picture of who the customer is. Where previously there was a lot of theory behind where this technology could lead, this year we were able to see where this could be applied as the event progressedAny buzzwords you can think of, abstract notions about AI, we were able to see the practicalities of it for our partners 

Matt McCallum, Director of Sales at Diabsolut Field Service ManagementAlong those lines, from a Field Service perspective, there are some phenomenal prospects for the use of this AI with Field Service Lightning, particularly when it comes to end-to-end customer service. 

Salesforce also announced a partnership with Esri, the mapping and geospatial intelligence company. The amount of extended potential for this downstream, as Esri is known for being forward-thinking and best in class, is fantasticI wouldn’t be surprised to see some really exciting innovation with offline, off-grid mapping capabilities for Field Service organizations. 


Out of everything that you experienced at Dreamforce this year, what were your own personal highlights? 

AD: The think tank discussion groups, the diverse range of organizations represented, that eco-system of partners is something so important for understanding more about client needs. It’s extremely valuable to have the opportunity to learn and collaborate in that way. 

 MC: I have to agree with Alastair. Having the chance to connect with people over a cup of coffee, hearing about their businesses and their experiences always has an impact.  

Along those lines, I know we both enjoyed Cheech Moore’s session about connecting for customer success. He emphasized the significance of being invested in your partners’ goals instead of focusing on pushing out information. Organizations are diverse, getting to know them and getting them ready for change is all part of the process. 

AD: Absolutely. It was great to hear it stressed that you don’t implement and leave, the people involved need to be ready for that transformation. Without connecting to them and keeping them engaged that transition won’t be successful. 

Attendee Advice 

Do you have an advice for anyone planning to attend Dreamforce next year? 

MC: Go to at least one session for fun or personal interest 

There was a great session on the SharkEye project, which uses Einstein AI and Field Service Lightning to spot sharks off of California beaches. The purpose is to help with conservation, as well as safety. It was such a unique use case and an inspiring display of what this technology is capable of. Sessions like that help to fuel your excitement for the future of this industry. 

AD: You can’t do it all. Dreamforce is such a huge event and by trying to see everything you end up missing out. Pick one area per day and stay there to get the most out of the conference. It’s so well done, whatever area you’ve chosen for that day, you won’t be disappointed.  

And you’ll definitely regret not wearing comfortable shoes.