Diabsolut Joins Forces with Axsy!

Axsy’s offline-first mobile app for Salesforce Field Service provides Field Technicians with the ability to work under any network condition.

Diabsolut and Axsy are joining forces to help customers maximize on their investment in Salesforce Field Service.  Working with Axsy not only reinforces our continuous commitment to expand our clients’ options within the Salesforce ecosystem, but also to offer the best solutions for our existing and new customers.

Axsy provides solutions that help drive the productivity of your field service, field sales, and field inspection teams through offline-first, no-code mobile apps powered by Salesforce.

Diabsolut is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and a leading expert in delivering innovative end-to-end asset centric Field Service Management solutions to address the business needs of organizations across a wide range of industries throughout North America since 2003.

Integrating Axsy’s mobile application with Salesforce Field Service allows our customers, particularly in the Utilities and Telecommunications industries, to instantly take advantage of these key benefits:

  • Rapid Time to Value with its seamless integration with Salesforce Field Service, zero-code adaptability and, new customizations and experiences delivered in days, not months.
  • Provide exceptional and efficient on-site service to your customers by ensuring information is always at your fingertips regardless of the internet connection, across all devices and platforms with automatic syncing ensuring data accuracy.
  • Increased productivity with a more user-friendly and simplified mobile experience designed for fewer screens and clicks.
  • Guided service experiences using Axsy Smart Forms which help increase productivity through dynamic forms and surveys that adapt as they are answered.

To find out more about Axsy’s Salesforce Field Service Mobile App, visit www.axsy.com.