ClickSoftware On-Premise

Market Leading On-Premise FSM Solution

ClickSoftware On-Premise

Are you currently using a ClickSoftware field service management system? Did you know that ClickSoftware (a Salesforce Company) has announced end of life support for some of their current on-premise versions?

No worries, we can help make your transformation journey a seamless one by mapping out your options and providing a gap analysis and timeline based on your current situation.

Products and Dates

*To receive sustaining support, customers must be on 8.1.10 patch 6 or higher
**Service Optimization 8.3 support requires that you are on the latest 8.3 Patch and running on the latest released version of Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11 (and not other browsers) on the clients running Silverlight.

Our Team Offers:

Diabsolut is unique in its ability to combine technologies with the depth of personnel and experience to successfully upgrade organizations to the forthcoming version of ClickSchedule on premise or migrating existing customers over to Salesforce Field Service.

Not ready to move to the cloud? We can assist with your ClickSoftware 8.x upgrade. Not only do we offer the best implementation services, we also offer our clients a range of Client Care FSM Client Care support plans and pre-packaged FSM accelerators to ensure smooth integrations with other internal systems.

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