How to Adapt to the New Reality of Higher Ed, Part 2

In our last blog we began the discussion on how Higher Education organizations can adapt to the pressure and demands this year has brought—addressing current stressors and concerns, while preparing themselves for the future.

This month we’ll continue to explore how Salesforce Education Cloud can help organizations overcome challenges, and get the most out of their digital solutions.

Finding Solutions with Salesforce, Continued

  1. Financial Concerns

With colleges and universities already struggling with competition and enrollment issues, Covid-19 has brought a new wave of financial concerns. Add to this students and parents taking issue with the new altered reality of campus life, and it becomes more apparent than ever that Higher Education organizations need to use digital solutions more creatively if they want to continue to bring in revenue.

How can your organization improve its outlook?

  • Mobility and real-time information are crucial for keeping students enrolled
    • More ways to access support, peers, faculty, and staff means more information for your organization
      • More information means a more personalized student experience
  • Use Communities to help keep students connected
    • Campus activities have always been a big part of the student experience
    • Leveraging Communities to arrange virtual activities, capture feedback, and adjust is a great way to keep students feeling involved and connected
  • Fundraising and recruitment is more important than ever
    • Two major game changers for colleges and universities are:
      • Accounting Subledger – which provides transparency and aids decision making for fundraising—as well as integrates with a number of different accounting systems
      • Salesforce Elevate – which helps increase donor engagement
  • End-to-end engagement, from prospect to alumni is one of the things Salesforce Education Cloud does best
    • Use the data you’ve captured to tailor admissions and alumni engagement to bring in both new prospective students, and increase alumni support
  1. Resilience

This year has required many adjustments and greatly accelerated change within Higher Ed Organizations that are using this crisis as an opportunity will be further ahead in the long run.

Is your organization improving its long-term sustainability?

  • Virtual engagement needs to be prioritized
    • Both the Education Cloud and the Salesforce App Exchange are a Higher Education organization’s best friend, think:
      • Virtual real-time campus tours where students can engage with student ambassadors
        • Include a 360 view of everything from classrooms and libraries, to campus landmarks
      • Info sessions for students, parents, alumni, and community members
      • Live agents and live chats so that both potential and current students know their comments, questions, and concerns are a priority
    • Reach further
      • Colleges and universities that can accommodate a completely virtual experience for students will have an edge
        • Utilize Education Cloud’s ability to create a personalized experience for students to ensure your organization has a broader appeal
        • Einstein Analytics will point recruiters towards prospective students that are more likely to enroll, and give them the advantage of personalized data in order to optimize interactions

Use This Momentum for Positive Change

The circumstances of this past year have been far from ideal. However, that doesn’t mean they have to have a completely negative impact on Higher Education organizations.

If you’re new to the Education Cloud or trying to adapt your digital solution to meet the challenges of this year and beyond, contact us. We’re happy to help your organization turn this year’s stress and pressure into positive change.