5 Ways to Meet Your 2021 CRM Clean Data Resolutions

Has your organization resolved to get the most out of its CRM this year? Businesses have become more and more reliant on technological solutions thanks to the pandemic, with CRM’s being no exception; and optimizing technology has always been a great way to do more with less.

If this is the case for your business, and getting more out of your CRM in 2021 is on your to do list, cleaning up your CRM’s data is a great place to begin.

Why It’s Important

Bad CRM data can lead to inaccurate reporting and inefficiencies, which in turn can lead to a loss of client or donor trust. Moreover, the more problems your CRM has the less your employees will want to use it.

Where to Start

List everything you want your data to be doing for you. Then use those goals to move forward.

  • What are your business’ needs and goals?
  • Have those needs and goals changed for 2021?

 Meeting Your Data Resolutions

  1. Use Your Data Goals to Make a Guide and Set Standards

If you don’t have standards and consistency, you have no way of knowing what data is good or bad, you and can’t begin to do more with your CRM.

  • Talk with your team about organizational goals and how to address challenges like entering data quickly, completely, and the right way
  • Look at your dashboard configuration, and think about optimizing the set-up
  • Set Salesforce Data Standards with a CRM user guide
  1. Take a New Look at the Data You Have

Is it accurate? Is it complete? Do you have duplicates?

  • Reconfigure your permissions to make sure only the right users have access
  • Delete or merge duplicate data. Salesforce’s Duplicate management feature is great for improving data quality.
  • Make the necessary fields required
  1. Remove Old Data

Do you have data that’s outdated or no longer needed?

  • Bounced emails can be tracked and organized in Pardot or Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Get rid of old or inactive accounts, with follow-up as needed
  • Contact clients or donors regularly to keep your data up-to-date
  1. Make Sure Users Have the Tools They Need

Now that you’ve talked with your team, make sure they have what they need to keep your CRM data clean.

  • Address gaps in CRM user training
  • Check the technical side of things, like ensuring all data has been properly integrated and that automated prevention has been set up
  1. Make Clean Data a Priority for Everyone

Clean data may be a resolution for your leadership team, but it should be a priority for everyone if you want to get the most out of your CRM.

  • Schedule regular data maintenance
  • Communicate about updated standards, policies, and the user guide regularly to deal with issues quickly and effectively

If your organization needs help or advice to get the most out of its Salesforce CRM, contact us; and for more information on clean data, check out: Trust Your Data: How to Maintain Data Quality in Salesforce.