Business Technology, Transformation and Consulting

Diabsolut’s success is our clients’ success.

We strive to provide our clients with seamless integration of business technology solutions and consultation services. Our approach considers the key factors that can impact any business transformation: process, people and technology. Ensuring that clients realize the intended benefits of our solutions is the reason we focus primarily on customer service excellence.

Many of our senior consultants were hired from the client-side, giving them years of operational experience within the very industries we serve. They have walked a mile in our clients’ shoes, with a detailed understanding of their challenges and needs. This thought leadership and niche expertise is a critical part of our commitment to service excellence and benefits realization for our clients.

Founded in 2003, Diabsolut operates out of Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Regina and Bengaluru.

Mission: Diabsolut’s mission is to enable our clients to achieve consistent and sustainable results that exceed their industry benchmarks.

Vision: Diabsolut’s vision is to continue to reinforce our list of solutions within our holistic offering all while remaining at the forefront of innovation and leading the industry benchmarks.

Values: Diabsolut’s business success has been built on the values of integrity, partnership, intrapreneurship, teamwork and accountability. We are passionate about collaborating, supporting and advocating on behalf of our customers.  We work together with enthusiasm and are proud to be part of the Diabsolut family.